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Summer Camps now Enrolling!

Kindermusik Summer Camps at Musical Footsteps Studio are now enrolling.  Call today to reserve your spot!  We offer classes for children from birth to seven years.  Camps begin the week of June 29th and run for five consecutive weeks.

Check out our website for specific days and times for your child.  Classes fill fast, so call or e-mail today to reserve your spot.



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Open Enrollment for Spring 2009 has Begun

Looking for a quality way to spend time with your child this winter and spring? Kindermusik classes at Musical Footsteps Studio is the perfect solution.
We offer classes for children from birth to seven years of age all in developmentally appropriate classes. All classes are taught by a Licensed Kindermusik Educator and include high quality materials to use at home throughout the week.

Kindermusik Programs throughout Kansas City have been named KC Parent Magazine’s Grand Prize Winner for Music Instruction.

Classes begin the week of January 12 and run through May 2.

If you’d like more information, you can visit the studio website


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Does your child write sdrawkcab?

Have you ever looked down to see that your child has written his/her name perfectly…just backwards?

“Children just learning to write will write upside down, backward, all over the page.  They fall in love with letters.  Young children don’t yet recognize that print is a static form.”  says Susan B Neuman, professor of educational studies at the University of Michigan.

Writing is one of the first introductions to the two dimensional world for pre-schoolers.

“In a three dimensional world, a chair is always a chair.  So, to a child a C is always a C, no matter its direction.  It’s not random, it’s not a mistake. Its configuration is just different.”  According to Judity A Schickedanz, professor of early literacy at Boston University.

The entire article was found in the December issue of Wondertime Magazine.

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Go ahead, paint your toast and eat it too!

I posted this last year, but for our Our Timer’s it will fit with our toast theme perfectly!

Here’s a fun idea for breakfast or lunchtime. I would love to say I came up with it myself, but I stole it from the once-a-month-chance-I-have-to-watch-Rachael Ray.

Before toasting your bread, or before making your grilled cheese; take a tablespoon, or so, of milk and add your favorite food coloring. Use a paint brush to paint a design on the bread. Then toast it and seal in the design!

And of course while you wait, those of you that know it can sing the “Toast, Toast” song from class. This is requested in our house each time we have toast.

Reece has painted his toast several times and it turns out great!

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KC Parent Grand Prize Winner!

In September, Kindermusik was named as the KC Parent Family Favorite Grand Prize Winner for Musical Instruction!

Thank you to any, and all, Musical Footsteps parents who voted!!

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Fun Link

Now that the cold weather is settling in, you may be looking for something fun to do with your pre-schooler or school aged kiddo.

PBS has a fairly new show called “Sid, the Science Kid” that, obviously, deals with science experiments.  It’s been a hit in our house and they have some fun links on their website to correlate with the show’s themes.

Sid the Science Kid Links

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Demo Class

Musical Footsteps Studio will be holding a Demo Class for children birth to 4 on Wednesday, August 6 at 6:30 PM.

This is a perfect chance to get a sneak peak into our Kindermusik classroom, and allows you to see a Kindermusik class in action.  And as a bonus for attending, you’ll receive a free Kindermusik CD and $5 off fall registration.

If you’d like to reserve your spot for the Demo Class, call Laura Beckman at 913.484.1311.  Call today as space is limited.

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