Personalities galore!

As I watched my Village kiddos today, I realized how much I love seeing all the personalities shine through.

I have some that rarely leave mom’s lap, but still flash smiles to everyone around them.  I have others that barely notice mom’s even in class because they’re so busy visiting all their friends.  They crawl and/or walk all over the room checking out all the other kiddos and moms.

Then there are some that simply sit and take it all in.  They sometimes have a very mystified look on their faces like they’re not sure what is going on!

And I have some that are coming out of their shells more and more each week, and show just how excited they are when we get out an instrument or prop that they love.  I’m actually happy when a child just isn’t ready to put away the instrument or prop because that means he/she is really invested in our activity and wants to continue.

My morning Village class is now completely mobile either by crawling/army crawling or walking which is, of course, the most obvious way to measure how much they’ve changed this semester.  But I also see the smaller, less obvious ways they’re grown and matured.  Most have become so comfortable in class they’ll crawl to any mom that will pay them some attention, or help them with an instrument.  I see the way their faces light up when we begin our “Hello” song, and the way the mobile ones usually head over to mom because they know class is beginning.  I see the faces as we do social dances and just how excited they get to see their friends up dancing with them.

Please know that whether your child is in Village, Our Time, Imagine That!, or Family Time, you are making the very best choice possible for him/her.  Take a moment during your class next week and observe how your child has grown/changed since September.


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