From Kindermusik International

Aug 16, 2007
Kindermusik International: A Message About Toy Safety

Recent news reports have highlighted the recall of some toys found to be unsafe. These reports have understandably raised concerns from parents. I want to be sure you know that Kindermusik shares this concern.

For years Kindermusik has gone to great lengths to assure the safety of our products. That is why parents have come to trust the Kindermusik brand. Kindermusik products are engineered to be educational, entertaining and safe before they enter into production. Production samples of each product are then rigorously tested by an independent testing lab to ensure that our toys meet the highest safety standards.

All Kindermusik products have comfortably passed international safety standards in mechanical and fire hazard tests. Our products have also been tested for potentially hazardous materials and have easily met safety standards for those materials.

Two of our core values at Kindermusik International are to Always Do What is Best for the Child, and to Be Open, Honest, and Direct. At all times, and especially at times like these, our core values guide our actions. That is why we bring this information directly to Kindermusik educators so you are well equipped to answer questions from your parents.

As you have come to expect from Kindermusik, we have taken great care to test that our products are safe, and we will continue safety testing with vigilance. Please refer any further questions regarding the safety of our toys to Kindermusik International 800-628-5687 or

Michael G. Dougherty
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Kindermusik International


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