Steady beat is all the rage!

As I watched my 3.5 year old navigate a piece of paper yesterday with his scissors; I sat in awe of how well he could cut. Now I realize, he gets a chance to practice this skill at pre-school, but we really don’t cut that much at home (since I have to be sitting right. next. to. him the whole time).
But he was so skilled at using one hand to grip the paper and move it to cut in the direction he wanted to go; and his little fingers made those scissors pump up and down to cut the lines.

This is all that steady beat focus we do in Kindermusik at work! Research has proven that children who have a well-developed sense of steady beat are able to cut with scissors better than those who do not. So, break out the music and pat along, play your instruments along, bang the tupperware along, or even cut with your scissors to the beat!


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