Putting on a positive spin

Sometimes we have trouble describing our children because we want to sound positive, but…

“Well, he/she’s just a little…”

Here are some new words to add to your vocabulary of behaviors. The first word is the new option.

Assertive vs. Aggressive
Cautious; Concerned vs. Anxious
Enthusiastic vs. Boisterous
A Leader vs. Bossy
Serious vs. Brooding
Communicative vs. Chatty (one of my faves : )
Determined vs. Controlling
Focused; Dedicated vs. Intense
Zealous vs. Restless
Proud vs. Self-Centered
Reflective vs. Shy
Tenacious vs. Stubborn

Try using some of these new options when describing your child; especially in front of your child. Many times we think those adjectives are going right over their heads when instead, they’re sinking in and making a lasting impression.


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