Spring Service Project

As a Kindermusik community, I would like us to be able to do a couple of service projects each year to help out the Kansas City community.

The Community of Christ Church, which houses our studio, is beginning a service project to collect items for the Center of Hope. The Center of Hope, run by the Community of Christ Church, is located in Kansas City, KS and houses a Food Pantry, Food Kitchen, Thrift Store, Commodity Distribution, and Homeless Outreach.

They are in need of supplies right now, and I know we can help. Through the entire month of May, you are invited to bring any of the items listed below when you come to class. There is a large barrel in the foyer at the bottom of the stairs for you to donate to. You can bring a few things, or you can bring something every week. I believe service projects such as this are a wonderful way to teach our children how to give back.

Here is a list of items needed if you would like to help.

Spaghetti sauce
Toilet tissue
Snack foods (for the homeless)
Individual foods (cup of soup, vienna sausage, stew, pudding)

I know at one time, they told me that the travel sizes of hygeine products were good because they could send those with the homeless.

I know the Center will appreciate any donations you make through the month of May!


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