Why do we pretend play?

Why do we pretend to walk through the green grass, or the city? Why do we pretend to clean the house with scarves?
“Learning to imagine is the first step in stretching the human potential.” (Karen Miller, Ages and Stages, p. 65).
The development progression of pretend play generally moves from using one object to represent something else, to dressing up and/or pretending to be something else, to role-playing and interacting while in that role. Foster experiences that provide the opportunity for imagination to blossom.
Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, we have to help create our children’s imaginations. Provide ample opportunity for creative play throughout the day.
Play dress up with old clothes or Halloween costumes and help them become that character.
Pretend to do “adult chores” with silly objects. i.e. dust with a scarf, wash measuring cups and silverware in the sink


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