Ever been “that” Mom?

On Monday, Reece and I decided to take full advantage of the finally warm weather, and headed to Deanna Rose Farmstead. As I was pulling out of the driveway, I was mentally checklisting everything I had/didn’t have. I realized I didn’t have the camera, but figured “there won’t be anything new to take a picture of, so we’ll be fine without it.”

Oh wait, he’s old enough to ride the pony now! So, here I am watching my son get ready to take his very first EVER pony ride, and I don’t have a camera. At this point, I should have had at least two cameras, one of which should have been a video camera, because I am that mom usually. But instead, I’m standing there deflated with my “used to be cool” razor phone snapping the shot. I can only imagine what the other moms around me were thinking.

So, there was my child grinning from ear to ear for Mommy’s camera phone.

How to alleviate the situation? Take said child back to Deanna Rose with camera in hand. Let said child ride again and snap shots like crazy. Scrapbook said ride as the “first” ride and no one will be the wiser.

That’s what all good moms would do, right? : )


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