The Koalas are here!

Sorry for the glare; that’s what happens when they make us stay on the outside of the glass.

If you haven’t heard, the Kansas City Zoo has two koala bears on loan until September. Reece and I got our first peeks at them today, and they are just as adorable and cuddly as you expect them to be. Reece was a bit disappointed that all they do is sleep, but he did proudly show them his stuffed koala that he brought to help welcome them.
If you haven’t been to the zoo lately, I highly recommend it. Many complain that there’s lots of walking…but isn’t that what a zoo’s about??? We want the animals to have lots of room to roam; and we do have that huge river valley to contend with on the way to Africa!
The animals are so active in the morning, we even got to see the huge tortoises MOVING today! We usually don’t even see their heads, much less see them move and eat.
And how many times do you get to see four elephants line up and walk right past you!


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